:strawberry: C# / .NET library wrapper for the rpi-ws281x library

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This is a C# wrapper for the great C assembly by Jeremy Garff to control WS281X LEDs by a Raspberry PI (https://github.com/jgarff/rpi_ws281x). It uses the P/Invoke calls to access the native assembly.


It is very easy to use the wrapper in your own C# / .NET project. Just see the example below:

//The default settings uses a frequency of 800000 Hz and the DMA channel 10.
var settings = Settings.CreateDefaultSettings();

//Use 16 LEDs and GPIO Pin 18.
//Set brightness to maximum (255)
//Use Unknown as strip type. Then the type will be set in the native assembly.
var controller = settings.AddController(16, Pin.Gpio18, StripType.WS2812_STRIP, ControllerType.PWM0, 255, false)

using (var rpi = new WS281x(settings))
  //Set the color of the first LED of controller 0 to blue
  controller.SetLED(0, Color.Blue);
  //Set the color of the second LED of controller 0 to red
  controller.SetLED(1, Color.Red);

Please have a look at the example program and get familiar with the usage.


The library can be downloaded from NuGet: Nuget

Package Manager

PM> Install-Package kenssamson.rpi-ws281x-csharp


> dotnet add package kenssamson.rpi-ws281x-csharp

In order to get the wrapper working, you need build the shared C library first. Please refer to the README in the lib folder for more information.

The P/Invoke functionality has a special search pattern to find the required assembly. For my tests, I copied the ws2811.so assembly to /usr/lib folder (as suggested by the link above).

Test status

The wrapper was tested with following setup:

Raspberry model Controller GPIO Pin DMA channel Result
Model B Rev 2 WS2812B 18 5, 10 Success

Please feel free to add some more test cases.